Just like private investigators, detectives are also investigators, though they are different in the sense that they work with the government.

Detectives are plain cloth investigators who are specialized in gathering facts and also collecting evidences for criminal cases. Like Private Investigators, detectives travel to different places just for them to get all the information they need, but in contrast to private investigators, detectives can conduct arrests and also interrogations.

Being a detective can be very stressful and dangerous, you will continually be exposed to most of these dangers alone and in places you will not likely get any help quickly. Detectives need to be always ready; they should be always alert and ready to deal with any threatening situation. One big advantage in the career of a detective over that of a private investigator is that detectives can carry and use weapons when threatened.

A detective should be someone who exercises good judgment, integrity and an interest in people. A detective should also be a credible witness. And just like a private investigator, the evidence speaks louder, but the testimony of a detective in court is respected. To be able to have a successful career, what are some things a detective should be able to do?

Good Record Checkers

How well a detective can check records of people he is investigating determines to a large extent how well he will solve cases and it also determines how many cases he will successfully be able to solve. So a detective should be very good at not just searching records but also at checking records with eye on every detail, and that helps him in the long run.

Financial Analyst

Detectives are skilled at this particular work, a good detective should be able to analyze financial activities of any person, and that helps him to detect irregularities wherever possible. In cases that may be about the mismanagement of funds, either that of a corporation or that of the government, a detective who is especially skilled is called to work on records and if there is any fraudulent activity, he deals with it.


To some extent, detectives are like private investigators; so any detective who is planning to enjoy a promising and fruitful career should also be a good investigator. Having the strength and instinct needed when conducting an investigation, coupled with personal skills, a detective will find it easier seeing solutions to cases that may look very difficult.

Personal Protection

They need this, due to the nature of a detective’s job; being a very dangerous field of work, a detective might put himself in danger when trying to unravel cases that some people want to end without solutions. Knowing how to make use of some of the self-protection kits and tools he has is vital.

Being a detective can be fun, and also quite dangerous, but the joy you derive from seeing the end to a case is what brings out the beauty in this line of work, do your job diligently, be smart and good at it, and you can be sure of a successful career.