The job of a detective is to track down important information about various cases. Researching for information, carrying out field works, interviewing people; these are all parts of detective job descriptions. Although there is no fixed salary for a detective job description, the detectives charge their clients depending on the job description and the business itself. There are various investigative branches that cater to the job description for a private detective. If you want to become a detective and run a private detective agency, you must provide professional services to your customers.

Child Custody

In most child custody cases, a detective has to undergo a lot of field work on the parental issues concerning the child. Detective job description for this kind of cases are finding out whether the parent in question is paying child support or not, whether he/she is associated with any kind of activity that might harm the child in the future, etc. Often times, government organizations pay for the salary of the detective in the service.

Presenting Evidence

Presenting evidence for a particular case is one of the crucial parts of a detective’s career. A detective has to undergo covert surveillance for searching evidence for the case in question. Detective firms generally employ their best detectives for finding evidence for tough cases.

Report Writing

Report writing is a tedious task, but it’s also a part of the job description of detectives. Carried out mostly as a follow through work, this comes in real handy for keeping everything in order in large commercial detective agencies.

Follow Insurance Claims

Verifying insurance claims is one of the task that belongs to the job descriptions of a private detective. A detective has to conduct some interviews and do some fieldwork for checking whether any fraudulent activity is related to the claim.

Private Investigations

Private investigations in some cases are carried out by detective supervisors. The job description of a detective supervisor is to check the work done by the junior detectives. Also, he has to run the enterprise smoothly for providing professional services to customers who wants their private investigations to be discreet.


A detective has to compile information on the fraudulent activities of various cases in his detective career. Fraudulent cases often have to be carried out in an efficient way. If done right, the clientele will be very pleased and that generates a lot of salaries in return.


A private detective has to carry out a lot of research that is related to the service. In order to shine in the detective carrier, he has to find facts and analyze them for his clientele’s benefit.

Identify Criminal Activity

Identifying criminal activity in a particular area is part of a police officer’s job description. They are employed by the government to keep the crimes in check in a particular location.

Missing People

Finding missing people is an arduous task. And it’s also a part of a detective job description. A detective has to go through the whereabouts of the missing person for finding him/her safely to his/her family.

Leads To Suspicious Behavior

In some cases, where a person is suspected for his behavior, a detective has to undergo covert surveillance for finding their true motives. This is also a part of the job for private detectives.