There are many fields where Private Investigators can secure a job for themselves. Here are a few examples of the different detective jobs people can choose from:


This is the most basic job a detective investigator may be asked to do. Sometimes when individuals feel they are being watched, or want a more tangible sense of security, they hire private investigators to ensure their properties are safe. This results in the installation various kinds of security checks to ensure the safety and protection of their customer

Missing Persons

This is a very interesting field of the detective jobs in the FBI. This is a field where the detectives are required to interrogate missing persons’ cases. They retrace steps of the victim, question the family and meet with friends and individuals who might be involved in the case in one way or another. The individuals come across various incidents when a missing case can be turned to homicide detective jobs.

Fraudulent Compensation Case

Sometimes, individuals undergo severe fraudulent cases. In an agency, the private investigators are given surveillance cameras to ensure head checks in ATM slots and other places to help minimize identity theft, credit card fraud and similar fraudulent activities. Suspects can be traced with the help of footage the professional detective comes across. This information helps them gain access into the database getting direct and complete information regarding the matter.


The most difficult and highly paid investigator jobs are the forensics department. This detective jobs qualification is more than any other field. It is a highly prestigious department in which the detectives are required on the scene during criminal cases. These detectives work with homicide detectives and police officers to detect whether the death of an individual was caused by a drug overdose, a murder or a suicide attempt.

Several organizations offer detective jobs in the police department. These are in the form of security guards. These jobs demand the individuals to be trained in a certain way that they can be allotted the safety and protection of a place or a person with proper knowledge.


A private detective’s jobs salary varies with the different fields they choose to go in. The most prestigious and highly paid field is the forensics department, followed by the homicide, the research detectives, the detectives working on missing person cases and similar others. Several detectives are also required to spend a number of hours in the morgue after their training is over. This helps them detect what caused the death of an individual while working with homicide detectives.

Personal Protection Services

These are investigators hired by commercial celebrities, politicians and individuals who are under constant threat of their security and safety. The public figures ensure they have detectives surrounding them at all times ensuring their personal protection against an unexpected mishap or incident. Amongst all the other private detective jobs, this one is the most demanding and exhausting as the individuals are required on the field at all times.

There are several other fields that include financial analysts, bounty hunters and similar ones.