Private investigators are tasked with doing a lot of things.

The job encompasses a lot of activities although there are certain activities that are the core function of being a private investigator. These kinds of activities are the ones that would define what a private investigator should be doing at most parts of the day. The most obvious job activity that comes to anyone’s mind is surveillance and anyone new to this field will know that this is very important.

There are other job functions that many PIs perform and each of them is determined with the case that they are investigating. When applying to become a private investigator for a company here are other job activities that you would be doing:

Look For Evidence

Depending on what case you will be involved in one of the core functions of private detectives would be to look for evidence. Getting evidence is what you would use to present to your client as the findings of a particular case. The process of getting evidence varies from case to case. In marital or divorce cases, one way to get evidence is by taking photographs of the unfaithful spouse, and insurance claims it would involve going to the crime scene and checking to see what really happened. Getting evidence is one of the most important functions of a PI and s/he must be able to do so to be a successful private investigator.

Write Reports And Summarize Cases

Another job function of a private investigator is to be able to write reports and summarize cases. As you would have been able to successfully collect all the evidence that is needed, you would be required to write a report that logically states how the events unfolded. You should be able to communicate what happened to your clients or employers for them to be able to decide what the right course of action should be. Report writing is important as the same evidence could be used in a court of law to determine who would win a particular case.


There is a lot of research that is involved in being a private investigator. When a case is presented to you as a private detective you would be required to do a lot of research on the subject that you are meant to be investigating. The research would involve going through computer databases, checking credit reports, looking at public records and last tax and legal filings. This information will give you a clue as to how a person is able to afford the things they have or see the way s/he has been living in the last couple of years. With the information that you would be able to get you will be able to come up with a logical conclusion of the case or point you to the right direction of your next investigation.