One of the main tasks of the private investigators is the surveillance.

People show a lot of interest in this service, and it is used in many different investigation processes. However, not everyone can be good at providing surveillance services, as even though they are the most frequently asked services, they require a lot of skills and extensive experience.

Gather Information

The process of surveillance starts with gathering the necessary information about the person of interest. The private investigator must know everything about the person they need to monitor in order to be able to create a plan. Once the information is gathered, the private investigator starts with the process of surveillance and follows the person of interest everywhere they go. The private investigator becomes their shadow. The entire process is time consuming and can be very stressful. Usually the surveillance lasts very long and the private investigator spends a lot of sleepless hours before they are able to gather the necessary information. They will go wherever the person they are following goes and try to blend in the surrounding. It takes a lot of effort to become nearly invisible when following somebody for a long time, as people tend to notice when the same person is lurking from the distance. However, our private investigators have no issue with remaining undercover for a long period of time.

Follow Up The Case

Our private investigators provide follow ups on the case they work on and inform the person who hired them for the progress of the case. This is very important aspect of every investigation, as people want to know that somebody is working on their case. Often even if no progress has been made our private investigators let the client know of the current situation and inform them on the future phases of the investigation.

Provide Proof

Usually when we monitor the activities of as certain person we tend to provide video materials to support our claim, as it is very difficult to dispute a recording. In addition, people often choose not to believe in the truth, especially in infidelity cases, so it is good if we are able to show them what has really happened. We know it’s not what they would like to see, but that’s what we have been hired for. We have witnessed a lot of cases where we were able to provide proof of infidelity but the partners decided to stay together. We are not here to judge, we only provide the services we are asked for!

Installing Surveillance Cameras

Besides the actual surveillance we also offer the possibility of installing surveillance cameras. People decide on getting a camera for their home or office due to security reasons. Living in constant fear is very stressful and nobody should agree on such life. Therefore the easiest thing is to hire a professional who can show you how to use this equipment and feel safe at all times. Depending on your preferences the camera can only monitor, or actually record the events, and can include only video record or complete picture and sound footage.