Many of you must be wondering why more people are not taking up the private investigations profession in the UK. If you have an eye for details and are interested in revealing the truth, this maybe the job for you. The private investigation business is quite a successful one in most cases. Setting up your own private investigation agency could be your fist steps towards professional investigation services to various clientele.

Setting Up Your Own Private Company

In order to set up an agency in a certain state, you must first try to find out the highest employment regions. There are usually found in metropolitan areas a large cities as London, Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow, etc. You’re business is most like to prosper in such regions due to the high demand for private investigations services ranging from surveillance investigator jobs for enterprises to matrimonial investigations services.

You can find vacancies for private investigator job in the UK on many sites. Here’s a list of some links through which you can find private investigation jobs:


PI Requirements

Requirements for all private investigators are pretty much the same for every job. The detective applying should be licensed, which is a priority in choosing applicants. A detective who had previous investigation training as a police investigator is always preferred. The person should have a strong eye for details and should be ambitious. Any private investigator is expected to be able to emotionally detach themselves from their work and at the time are expected to show empathy when delivering devastating news to any client. Perfect writing and communication skills are also required in all investigation jobs along with computer skills.

Private investigator’s salaries mostly depend on the agency they’re working for. However, an approximation for the private investigator’s hourly rate is around £40. Any money that is spent by the investigator as a part of his field work is covered by the client including any food purchases, entry fees, etc.

The number of applicants per position is an important indication for your chance in getting the job. The less applicants, the more chances you have and vice versa.

Most detective jobs in the UK require certain experience criteria which is usually more than 3 years of experience on field. However, a lot of vacancies state that new investigators are welcomed.

Gender preferability is not usual in private investigator jobs in the UK unless the field of work itself is not suitable for either gender. For example, some undercover surveillance requires a certain gender.

Most jobs do not state a certain age preference either as they’re mainly concerned about the experience although some posts clearly state that they need younger investigators.

Ethnic background is definitely not a factor in choosing a private investigator for a job. However, professional background plays a very important role as some jobs require investigators with previous experience as a police or military investigator in which such applicant would definitely be given a priority.

It is very important to read the requirement of each job thoroughly before applying.