A private investigator job has different challenges and areas of specialization.

Different Pay-scale

Different Private investigators have different pay-scale which vary depending on the type of investigation or duty that they carry out. Pay-scale for private investigators who handle domestic cases is around £16,000 and is one of the cheapest pay given to private investigators.

Different Rates And Fees

Private investigators charge different rates and fees for the services they offer. Cases that involve advanced use of devices and methods to solve them are charged a bit high compared to simple cases like tracing a long time friend. Private investigators with complicated cases are paid highly with a salary pay scale of around £50,000.

Cost Different Depending On The Case

Furthermore, our private investigator might cost different depending on the location that you’re reporting from and the difficulty of your case. The case might be about criminal activity, terrorism, cheating spouse or employment screening. All these are charged on a different scale with number of hours or days spent on the case being put in mind.

Annual Salary

Our private investigator annual salary varies from one investigator to another. This is because every private investigator has an area of specialization where different expertise is required. That’s why private investigator costs differ depending on the case brought forward by a client. The case might be commercial or domestic which leads to selecting of an expert to handle it.

High Services

Hiring a private detective to tackle a case will cost you depending on various factors. We private investigators charge differently putting in mind the hurdles that the case has to undergo in order to acquire accurate results. Most of the cases are handled by qualified private investigators with experience whose services are a bit high.

Extra Costs

During investigations, we as private investigators incur some costs which are added up in the final charge to a client. These costs include: traveling costs, buying or hiring equipments for investigations and other small expenditures concerning the case. Experienced private investigators are paid more and therefore their services are a bit costly too.

Private Detective Salary

Private Detective salary differs from one detective to another. The cost of hiring someone for a specific case is also different. For instance, if a private detective is hired to find someone, the cost they incur is a bit cheaper compared to that of a detective being hired to investigate employees in a certain organization.

A Fess That Include All The Costs

Several cases have their cots determined on different grounds. Most of the private investigators in UK offer fees that include all the costs that private investigators face during the investigations. A case like that of a cheating spouse involves use of tracking devices and surveillance cameras in order to get enough evidence for the case.

Hourly Rate

Private Investigator charges are determined in several ways. Most of the private investigator gets their income from services they offer. Services are mostly charged per the hours spent conducting the investigation for the client. Hourly investigations on average cost around £50-£90 for domestic cases and £90-£160 for commercial cases.

Being a private investigator can make a steady job as some investigators are employed and work for an agency while others are self-employed. Starting a private investigator firm is not difficult especially if you have a customer base like we do. A private investigator can decide to charge their services hourly or for the whole day.