A personal investigation license is required by any person who aspires to work as a private investigator in the UK.

The SIA is going to pass some laws that will make this system work effectively and ensure that those practicing Private Investigation are fully qualified and offer people the best services by passing all company checks.

Ethical Grounds

Before a private investigator is given a license to operate, the Security Industry Authority checks several factors and determines whether the person is qualified for the profession or not. One of the factors that the SIA checks is whether the private investigator meets all the ethical grounds required by them.


The SIA only grants the license to fully qualified candidates as per its standards. Therefore, a person with the aim of becoming a private investigator should ensure that they meet all the requirements before they apply for a license from the SIA. When applying for a license, some documents are required, for instance; personal investigation photography a2.

Regulated Standards

The SIA has some regulated standards that every potential license applicant should posses. These include: minimum requirements like between 21 years of age, possession of a high school diploma or something equivalent. Also, a felony convictions involving crime are also checked before a person is awarded the license to make sure they meet the set standards.

A person with a motive of becoming a private investigator should at least know what the investigation job is all about before applying for a private investigator license. If he or she has some experience and can show the willingness and skill to handle peoples cases in a very good way, getting a private investigator license may be easy for them. That is, if they pass the test.

Capability And Qualitites

The SIA verifies and looks at the capability of a private investigator on whether they can offer very good services to people. This is mostly done through checking out the qualities that a private investigator should have which include: self-confidence, honest, integrity, determined, perseverance, empathy, patience and strong observational skills.

Since a private investigator job involves dealing with people, whether they are clients or suspects under investigation; a private investigator should posses these skills in order for them to perform their duties exceptionally well. The skills required are as follows; basic computer skills, great analytical qualities, knowledge of the law, logical thinking and good spoken & written communication.

Criminal Check

Before a private investigator is awarded with a license, a criminal check is done to figure out if they were involved in any unlawful practices in the past. Private investigators have to lead by example and if a person is found with any felony conviction of any crime, a private investigator license is denied and they are considered not fit to be private investigators.

Certificate Of Merit

After undergoing a training by a private investigator and completing the required course, the private investigator should ensure that the certificate of merit that is awarded to them is government approved. Failure for the certificate to be recognized by the government, the SIA cannot award the private investigator or firm a license to operate.


Some occupations don’t have several processes that a person has undergo for them to receive a license after being accredited. A private investigator upon completing their training, they need to get experience from other private investigator or agencies before they start practicing even after being given a license by the Security Industry Authority.