In order for somebody to qualify for a private investigator they need to meet certain criteria.

The criteria refer to several different aspects and can be crucial in the decision whether somebody can get a license for being a private investigator or not.

One of the most important things is to confirm that you are physically and mentally capable of the job and that you are able to work in a stressful environment. Before you even consider becoming a private investigator you will need to regulate your environmental health as you will be working on a position that has a high level of risk.

First Step – Training Course

The first step towards getting a license for a private investigator is the training course that everyone needs to undertake. The course is one of the main conditions in order to be able to obtain your pi license and work as an investigator. There are a lot of agencies that offer quality training courses which include everything you need to know before you start working as a pi. Once you complete the training you will be given a test and based on the results you will be awarded the pi license. Before you choose the agency that will train you, you have to make sure they have been accredited and have good rating for the services they offer. If an agency is accredited for providing training services and licensing private investigators it means that the certificate is recognized by the government and you will be entitled to work as a private investigator.

Second Step – Clean Criminal Record

Besides the training requirements you will also need to have a clean criminal record. You will be expected to represent the law so having a criminal history won’t go in your favor. Previous experience is never obligatory; however people who have been working on similar positions will have bigger chances of adjusting to their new job. Very often people, who have been working in the police or army for so many years, decide to continue their career as private investigators. In addition you can also see former soldiers that have left the army and decided to try their luck as private investigators. These people have been trained to cope with a lot of dangerous situations and they will know what to expect when they start working as private investigators.

Third Step – Forensic Science Degree And Legal Background

Although having a university degree is not one of the requirements, it can be very beneficial. Degree in forensic science and legal background can quickly open your path towards becoming one of those private investigators that earn a significant amount of money.

Fourth Step – Get A License

Don’t forget that the license doesn’t last forever. They need to be regularly renewed in order for you to be able to continue working as private investigators. Usually pi licenses are valid for two years. Make sure to update them on regular bases, as people can check the public record of private investigators and quickly realize that you are working with expired license.