Becoming a licensed private investigator means that you are recognized by a membership body like The Security Industry Authority License for Private Investigators in the UK. This means that you can be paid to work as a PI and the work you are doing is all legal. Being licensed means that you are able to access things like insurance, tax benefits and access to other licensed private investigators. There are many private investigators out there, but few of them are licensed and they are not able to get good jobs because they don’t have the license. If you are interested to become a licensed private investigator here are a few things you could look at:

Valid License

If you have all the training and qualifications then the next thing you should look at is to have a valid private investigator license. This can be obtained by going to The Security Industry Authority License for Private where they will look at your qualifications, your job experience and they will ask you to pay an annual fee for you to be recognized as you are licensed. Getting the license could take a few days to a few weeks depending on the number of people who are applying and the process that is involved. The license is meant to be renewed annually or after a couple of years.

Work Experience

Most licensing bodies in the UK will require you to have some work experience before they can fully recognize you as a private investigator. The work experience will be something that involves private investigator work. Ideally you are required to complete a number of years under a fully licensed private investigator working under him or her. This means that you would have known everything that is involved to be a private investigator and you are able to be one on your own. You will have all the necessary training to work and function like a full PI.

Train At An academy

There are many training academies for private investigators all over England. It is a requirement that all licensed private detectives should be trained at a PI academy. This means that the PIs will have all the necessary education for him to function properly in the field. Here the PIs will be taught everything that they will need to know and things that they might encounter in the future working as the private eye. If you cannot attend a physical academy there are plenty of online academies where they teach people how to become a PI. At the end of these courses there is an exam that is taken and if you pass well then you are eligible to become a licensed private investigator.