This is a highly technical yet popular device called a polygraph. It measures and records several physiological indices such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while a subject is questioned.

Who Uses This Equipment?

Polygraph instrumentation and equipments are credibility assessment instruments used by private examiners, the government, and military organizations around the world. Lie detector test equipment is used to determine the truth behind a witness’s statements. A witness can also offer to take a polygraph to substantiate his or he testimony. The accuracy of polygraph equipment however, depends largely on the competency and experience of the examiner. The examiner is believed to do lie detecting. Most military organizations choose to train their own polygraph examiner as this can sometimes involve extraction of highly classified levels. Also in most government institutions, a person’s employment application may be declined, resulting from an unsuccessful examination, if the position specifically requires successful completion of a polygraph examination.

How Does A Polygraph Work?

For an investigation using a polygraph to start, several leads and wires are connected to your body in specific locations to monitor your physiological reactions during the examination. Deceptive behaviors are supposed to trigger certain changes that are detected on the polygraph and recorded by a trained examiner, who is sometimes called a forensic psycho physiologist. Professionals believe that there is no machine that can detect lies but instead that polygraphs can help a trained examiner to detect behaviour changes between the times an individual tells the truth, and when they tell lies. Others argue that you cannot trust  the conclusions made from a polygraph to detect lies due to the tension that a person already has just being in the exam room. However experts with experience in this field will tell you that it is possible for a well trained examiner to detect deceptive behavior changes through the mist of tension.

Can A Polygraph Be Used To Catch A Cheating Spouse?

Professional private detectives will advise against using this technology to confirm whether or not a spouse is faithful because it only takes highly specialized training to be able to interpret and trust the results that a polygraph will provide. If you seek to acquire one for amusement purposes, then go ahead. However limit the use to fun and not any serious uses. Lie detector test equipment is one of the advancing technologies that assist in investigations. Despite its dependency on an examiner, it is a useful technique in finding the truth.