Polygraph testing in the UK has fast gained popularity. We provide complete polygraph testing services.

 Polygraph Testing

A polygraph test can serve a very useful purpose in expediting investigations and deciding who is telling the truth. Workplace thefts are becoming extremely commonplace and usually come down to one person’s word against another’s. In such a situation, a polygraph test is pretty much the only solution. It may also happen that different people give extremely different versions of the events of a day. Again, a polygraph test can help decrease confusion and get to the truth. Many a times, if an interview is conducted skilfully, the added stress of a polygraph test can incite a criminal to confess.

Is Polygraph Testing Legal In The UK?

Polygraph testing is 100 per cent, totally, completely legal in the United Kingdom. However, there are a few conditions. The person undergoing the polygraph exam must be cooperative and willing to take the polygraph. No one can be forced to take one. The person administering the polygraph test must be qualified to do so and must hold a relevant degree and license. These results however, are inadmissible in a court of law. This is because there is a fair chance of the results of a polygraph being inaccurate. Since physiological responses are measured, it is possible that the stress of the situation may cause the examinee to register many false positives. However, there are a large number of areas where polygraph tests can prove invaluable.

Polygraph Testing For Hiring Good Employees

While the majority of job applicants are honest, hardworking individuals, a few do try to gain a job by lying on their CV and application. This can create a variety of problems for you. The major problem is that you end up with incompetent employees. These cause you to lose more money than you earn. Eventually, they saddle your business and cause a dip not only in the performance, but also in the reputation of your organization. This is obviously an outcome any responsible business owner wants to avoid. A polygraph test can serve as a great background check and verify the quality of an employee.

Polygraph Testing For Fidelity Issues

In recent times, we have seen a spurt in the number of people taking this polygraph test. It is often used to determine whether one partner had cheated on the. Many individuals also take it just to erase any doubt in their partner’s minds about their faithfulness. We also handle polygraph tests for soon to be wedded couples. These people often believe that it is a wise idea to take a polygraph test and get any secrets out in the open before tying the knot. This forms the basis of an honest and strong marriage.

How We Can Help

Private Investigators UK has been a pioneer of polygraph testing in the United Kingdom. We have been successfully administering a large number of polygraph tests annually for the past few years. We are members of the American, European and British Polygraph Associations. We have a high level of expertise in administering polygraph tests and our service is available seven days a week, all years round. We can either conduct the test at our office, your home or a common meeting place, based on your preference.