While there are many polygraph services advertised nowadays, few are as technologically advanced and as reliable as the ones provided by Private Investigators UK. Fraud, deception and lies are all around us. They are often hard to spot for people, but a polygraph test misses nothing. By measuring key physiological responses of an individual while answering a question, we can determine his or her truthfulness. We have a tried and tested polygraph testing system wherein we ask the subject a few questions in the pre – interview period, a few questions to establish a baseline and the remaining questions are the ones that need to be answered.


One of the most common polygraph test takers are married couples or couples about to get married. At various junctions in life, doubts of infidelity can creep into any relationship, no matter its strength. At such a time, a polygraph test can help reveal the truth and clear any doubts any of the partners may have. There have been so many cases wherein an unhappy couple has come in, taken a polygraph and worked out the issues in between them. In case someone is about to get married, again the polygraph test can help avoid any fraud.


If you are a teenager’s parent, you are bound to worry about his or her well – being all the time. It is only natural. Often, teenagers are extremely good liars and manage to get away with a lot of things without telling you. However, if you worry that your child has fallen into bad company and has developed some bad habits that he or she is concealing from you; bring him or her over to Private Investigators UK. No matter how well your teenager can lie, nothing escapes the polygraph test’s vigilant testing system. Leave feeling relieved and happy.


Running a successful business is hard work. Bad employees make it much harder. Fraudulent employees make it nearly impossible. Surprising though it seems, it is estimated that these employees actually steal more than shoplifters. If you suspect that your employees are stealing from you, or are not doing what they’re supposed to be doing, or even if you suspect them of leaking sensitive corporate information, chances are you want the matter to be resolved professionally, without involving outside authorities. In such cases, our polygraph services are absolutely perfect for you. They offer the best discreet solution. Simply ask your employee to sit for a polygraph and let the test tell the truth.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing a polygraph service provider is not an easy task. While there are a ton of options out there, there are a few key differences that make Private Investigators UK better than them. The first, and most important, is our amazing team of investigators. They are talented and mange to make the person feel extremely comfortable, avoiding, or in the very least drastically reducing, false positives. Another key difference is in our machinery. Unlike many other agencies, we possess cutting edge technology that maximizes the accuracy of the results.