Due to the ever growing cases of nannies and maids being willing accomplices in crimes, it is becoming very important to monitor staff at all times.


Nannies are hired by people to look after their children while they are unable to. Needless to say, a large amount trust is placed in nannies. Often, the children left in the care of a nanny are very small. Hence, parents take a considerable leap of faith when choosing their nanny. However, occasionally, nannies misuse this trust and commit crimes. While these crimes can be relatively small like stealing small objects or they could be as serious as abusing the children they are charged with caring for. Since many such cases come to light daily, it is understandable that parents want a system to monitor their nannies remotely to find out just what they are up to when the parents are not home.

Maids And Other House Staff

Maids, cooks, housekeepers, chauffeurs and gardeners all comprise your own personal staff. It just so happens that most of these staff members typically work when you are not at home. While this works out great if your staff members are trustworthy, it can be very unsettling if this is not the case. Thus, using remote monitoring techniques, you can launch your own personal investigation into the actions of your staff behind your back. This can help you put your mind to ease about any doubts you may have about your staff and weed out any poor employees.

Need For Monitoring

Nannies, like the rest of your staff, are employees who access your house in your absence. However, the reason that many people insist on monitoring their nannies over any other staff member is due to the fact that nannies have direct access to their children. Like all responsible, loving parents, they fear for the safety of their children and are not comfortable leaving them completely in the care of an unknown person. A remote monitoring system allows them to know that the nanny is doing a good job and is not harming the children in any way.


There are a variety of methods to monitor your nannies remotely. Nanny remote monitoring solutions are one of the most common requests made by customers to private detectives across the United Kingdom. One of the most common methods to remotely monitor your nanny is the nanny cam made famous by many Hollywood movies. This camera can be installed discreetly somewhere in the house and used to monitor the activities of the nanny. These cameras record and store the videos so that they can be viewed at a later time.

Can We Help?

This is a question often posed to us. Since we are a premier investigation agency in the UK, with a wealth of experience of over a quarter century, we are highly capable of setting up extensive nanny monitoring systems. Over time, we have perfected our techniques, and know just where to hide the secret camera so that it can faithfully record the activity of the nanny, without being visible to the nanny. Obviously, a nanny may not like to find out that her activities are being recorded on tape and hence, the camera can’t be installed in plain sight.