Private detectives seem to have very interesting jobs, at least in the movies. It is no wonder that more and more people are looking to establish a career in this interesting industry. The demand for private investigators today is quite high with insurance companies, law firms, companies and individuals requiring the services they offer from time to time. As a private investigator you will be providing an important service to clients who are looking for discrete and professional truth seekers. However, at this time it is also important to note that, the reality of being a PI is quite different from what you might have seen in the movies.

Applying For Licensing

To become a private investigator practicing in the UK you will first of all need to be licensed. This is according to the new provisions introduced under the Security Industry Authority (SIA). All aspiring investigator will have to attain the minimum qualifications set by the authority before applying for licensing. Once you attain your licensing you will be free to establishing your own company or seek employment in an existing company like us. Whichever you choose you will get to establish a career that promises to earn you a living as well as give you satisfying achievements.

Being a private investigator you will work on various assignments that include local and international travel. Investigative assignments usually lead investigators to different places, and the promise of global travel is always there as an investigator.

However, this bring in one of the drawbacks of the career which is that you may not have regular working hours especially when going on surveillance assignments. Unless you are seated at a desk all day, working hours tend to be irregular in this line of work.

Level Of Qualification

Earning a living as a private investigator is possible as many people working in this field have been able to do so. However, it is important to note that your level of qualification has a huge bearing on how much you can earn for instance investigators who have degrees usually offer specialized services and may earn more than the average investigator.

Working for an established and recognized private investigations firm is a great way to work for top rated companies and raise your level of achievement. Of course some investigators like working in their own practice, but with larger firms (like ours) you will be able to get higher level assignments. This is because such firms will have built a reputation in the industry.

As stated before, the private investigations industry is on the rise. There are more jobs opening up meaning that graduates can find employment much easier. As you begin your career as a private investigator the best advice would be to keep an open mind ready to take opportunities as they come and progress in this promising industry.