For some of us, being a private investigator is a long-time dream of ours. Many have been drawn into the world of investigation by watching movies and falling in love with award winning movies with investigative themes. For others, the ideas of using gadgets at one’s disposal like James Bond or being part of the “Kingsmen”. Whether their storylines are fictitious or not, many can trace their love for investigation to one or more of such movies.

Lucrative Career

While private investigators have a wide range of electronic gadgets at their disposal; depending on what’s needed at the time, rocket launching devices attached to cars or pocket pens are a bit on the extreme. Private investigations are privy to a whole lot of information and have access to files and documents that are hidden away from public view. Private investigation is a fairly lucrative career, especially when one has attained a certain level of professionalism.

All these are initiated by getting the right training and licensing. When it comes to training, again you would have to take your mind off those movie clips you hold so dear. No one is going to leave you submerged in water for twenty minutes in a bid to train you to have underwater breathing stamina.

Online Courses

There are quite a number of online courses in the UK one can enroll in relation to investigation. While there are general courses in investigation, if you are looking to specialise, you may want to consider taking more specialized courses. For instance, you hope to work with the police departments in the area of forensics, you will need to have a related degree to be eligible for such employment. Crime scene investigations would require you to have certification in CSI form any accredited university or academy.


With the necessary training and qualifications, the next thing you will need to worry about in boosting your CV would be experience. There are quite a number of professional private investigators that have background in military and its related units. This is because, the skills and traits required for private investigation are similar to those taught and desired in the military. If this is not available, there’s no need going to enroll oneself in the military at this time of one’s life, you can easily get work experience from freelancing.

You can attach yourself to an already licensed private investigator and help him out with his investigation. To make yourself more available for opportunities, you could even volunteer to work for free. This way you are able to avail yourself with first-hand experience on the job.

When you have gotten the necessary experience or already have experience from a related discipline, you should consider enrolling in the Professionalising Investigation programme (PIP). At the end of this programme, you are better equipped to be an expert in the private investigation.

The next and final step you will need to begin your career as a fully certified, well-trained private investigator is to get your SIA license. If you are planning on working in the UK as a private investigator, it is mandatory to have a SIA license.