When looking for a Private Investigator to work with, you need to know that there are different costs bound to be incurred. These costs are what we term as the private investigator salaries.

This then calls for caution when choosing the right private investigator to work with. We have often heard cases of clients being given an invoice of a particular price by a detective only for other costs to pop up in the middle of the investigation. Our private detectives always outline all the costs before the job begins and no more charges will be incurred apart from the one outlined in our invoices.

Private Investigator Hourly Rate

Our experienced private investigators work on hourly basis. This is especially for the jobs that require constant surveillance. This is however dependent on the kind of job that our private investigator has been assigned to do. Our private detectives make sure that they give you value for your money by providing different evidence such as photographic, reports and video evidences. You can also agree with our detectives on the minimum number of hours you require the surveillance to be performed.

Mean Fee Private Investigator

Our private investigators are affordable and offer the best investigation services. We are specialised in different fields such as due diligence, corporate investigations, commercial investigations and other legal services such as tracing missing people and background checks of employees. The private investigator salary payscale varies depending on the job that our private investigator undertakes, for example, financial investigations is a complex investigative process and require expertise and experience to be solved.

How Does A Private Investigator Get Paid?

Before we begin any investigative job for our clientele, there must be a signed contract outlining the private investigator salaries and other charges that will be incurred on the process. Both parties have to sign the contract before the job commences. We make sure that we accomplish and meet all the terms of the contract to our client’s satisfaction. Some of the terms of payment include an agreed rate before the job and the rest of the money completed at the end of the investigation. The payment of our private investigators can be done using different forms such as checks, credit/debit cards, cash and even bank transfers.

What Are The Factors That Determine A Private Investigator Salary?

We offer different investigation services, some are complex whereas some are easy. The nature of the task undertaken is one of the factors that mostly determine the fee that we will be paid. The duration of the investigation also plays a major role when calculating the salaries that our private detectives will be paid.

About Us

We are professional private investigators in all of UK and we make sure that we adhere to the terms of the contracts set with the clients. Such a scenario can only occur if a client breaches our contract.

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