Simplest things like good observation and curiosity are important in the field of investigation. The requirements of becoming investigators were not much before. All you needed was passion and love for your job, and everything else was a formality. But now things have changed. Private investigation is a serious business. The thing that you have to remember is that private investigation is professional in nature. You are now required to complete globally certified and recognized professional training. Also, you need to get a license from the SIA (Security Industry Authority). Things which can boost your performance during the training are security retailed experiences, a degree in law, and crime investigation or being an ex-police/military officer.

In the UK, the private detectives are not allowed to work on their own. They have to be a part of either agencies or firms to serve the clientele. Becoming a private investigator needs concentration and dedication. So, what do you need to do to become a private investigator?

A Degree In Forensic Sciences

This is the only broad area of study in this field. Also, you can have an independent career out of this path. Usually the duration of a degree in forensic science is of three years, and this degree is offered by many renowned institutions and it is expensive as well. But you can pursue short courses in this field to get the basic idea.

Geographic/Map Knowledge

Regardless of what area you work in, having a thorough knowledge about maps is a must nowadays. When locating a missing person or tracing a vehicle, this knowledge helps the most. You need to know your own city like the back of your hand.

Certificates/Diplomas In Relevant Subjects:

Having a degree in law helps you in the long run, as it is relevant to your job. But do remember this is not a must, but optional.

Open University

The open universities in the UK offer a wide range of courses relate to this field. They are inexpensive in nature and facilitate long distance learning. They are certified by the SIA and do offer the prestigious awards related to this field.

Getting Certified

If you complete your training and field work properly, you will be certified with IQ level three awards for PI, and this is the most prestigious award. There is also another award named Pearson EDI Level 3 for PIs. Being certified means a lot, as this means that your skills are recognized globally. However, to practice them, you also need to get licensed.

Volunteering At Well-established PI Firms

This is one of the best options. You can gather experience and you will get a chance to be in the field and see for yourself how everything works. You will learn things that no training can teach you. First-hand experience is the best thing that can happen to you in this field. So keep your eyes open for such opportunities.

Vacancies/ Job Availability

The private investigation field of the UK is filled with opportunities. All you need to do is prepare yourself. The Security field is full of bright opportunities, and it offers an adventurous job unlike any other. The PI job is very flexible and open minded as well.