Most of you may be surprised why anyone would need a private investigator other than tracking their spouse down when an affair doubt is hanging in the air. Actually, this is just the reality in movies. Private investigating services are widely required in so many fields. You would be surprised to know the kind of services which a private investigator company can offer to you. Whether your purpose is commercial, business related or merely personal, you can trust us to help you solve the issues at hand.

If you’re in need of a private detective for any of the following reasons, you must not hesitate to contact us.

Insurance Fraud

You may be surprised to know that fraudulent insurance claim are ever so increasing in the insurance business. Insurance agencies, companies and large enterprises in the UK are losing more than 4 million pounds on a daily basis. Although most companies do realise that the insurance claim is fake, proving that is not quite easy. The insurance company is not entitled to refuse a payout unless they prove that the claim is fraudulent. For that, an investigation agency’s help must be sought. Whether you doubt that the claim is fraudulent or you doubt that the person you’re facing holds a fake ID, you can’t refuse a payout without solid evidence. It is inappropriate and highly nonprofessional to refuse a payout just because the claim seems suspicious to you. On the other hand, you cannot just accept the claim and potentially lose a huge some amount of money.

If you are dealing with a fraud, our investigation company can prove it no matter how talented the suspect is.

Video Surveillance

Whether it’s your partner at work, someone who works at your house or just a thief stealing from your shop, we can help you find that out. It could be hard to throw blames at those around you without solid evidence and that’s why all our surveillance reports come with photographs and video evidence enough for you to face the suspect or to submit to a court of law.

Asset Search

Our private investigators have a very strong reputation in the asset tracing category. We can locate any valuables. Whether it is real estate, intellectual rights or stocks we can definitely help you trace them and provide you with solid evidence valid at a court of law.

Lie Detectors (Polygraph)

Do you doubt the honesty and loyalty of your employees? Have you thought of seeking the help of a lie detector team? Our firm has one of the most professional polygraph experts who can help you with that!

Public Records Search

Are you in need of searching the background of anyone (maybe an employee, girlfriend, business partner, etc) for criminal records, marriage certificates, fraud charges, etc? Our private detectives can get you all the information you need.

Trial Preparations

Hiring a private investigator for a trial preparation is one of the best ways to help you win a case in a court of law. Successful law firms hire private investigators to help them gather solid evidence, track phone calls, prepare the witnesses for testimony, etc. These procedures are very important on a lawsuit to help the judges and jury understand the case better.

In case you’re trying to catch a criminal, whether it’s a shoplifter or a con, our bounty hunters can do the job for you efficiently and in a very short space of time.

We would like to guarantee you that all the services we provide are highly confidential and your privacy is of primary importance to us.