UK private investigators are renowned for their skills. You have to go through private investigator training. If you have a background in law and crime training, then it might not be necessary for you, but if you are among those who have no idea about the field; then training is a must for you. Here, in the UK, your age or your past does not matter if you are interested in changing your path. It is never too late to learn. But you have to go under a number of processes. This is a serious career and requires a lot of professional skills. Private investigation courses are divided into parts, and there are various levels of training. The training fee per course starts from 375 pounds. You may have to pay for individual courses or you can enroll in a full training service.

Surveillance Course

The normal duration of a professional surveillance course is from a week to 11 days. If you qualify, you will be awarded with IQ level three awards. This course includes photography, running an investigation business, tracing and process serving, and so on.

Applied Forensics

This one is a very broad field. As you may already know, you can pursue this as an independent career. Applied forensics is a globally recognized field and this course can be very intensive. It is usually 1 to 5 years in duration, and the forensic course in investigation field is usually computer related.

Police Training

It is not necessary to have any police training at all. It is believed that most of the private detectives are ex-police or ex-military, which is true. However, if you are not from such background, you can still be a PI.

Fraud Training

This course is suitable for people connected with the intelligence field, such as private investigators, police, or anyone with a finance crime remit. Through this course, you will get to see the fraud issues in the UK, how to practice your intelligence, being familiar with various kinds of data analysis, etc.

Military Background

It is not necessary for you to have any kind of military background. Military background only facilitates your learning or your training, but you can be a PI without it.

PI Journals

PI journals are an excellent way of learning. They will keep you updated and you won’t even have to go to training. However, it is better that you do. PI journals are written by experts and they are very helpful in situations. They have the articles based on the true experiences of the investigators.

Crime Scene Awareness

Keep yourself aware about the crimes happening around the UK. The way crime scenes are investigated will help you go a step further.

Law Related Course

Attending law courses will help you understand your position as a PI. What you are allowed to do, what you should not do, and the way the system works are very important things you should know about.

Professionalizing Investigation Program (PIP)

It is a program which aims to train investigators in higher investigation skills. This was mainly a policing course, but it is very useful for PIs. PIP aims to develop the skills of investigators to expert roles as well as competence in investigation and interviewing. These are now established at NOS.