As any other job, becoming a detective requires you to fulfill certain requirements. The first thing you need in order to become a private investigator is a college degree. Even though any college degree is acceptable, it will be a great advantage if you have a degree in criminal justice or law. In addition honours degree in science and masters in forensics is a great combination for everyone who is thinking of becoming a private investigator. They will provide good foundation for the technics of collecting and processing evidence. If you are really interested in this area and you work hard you can become a CSI investigator, and be in charge for every crime scene. Who knows one day you may write a book about your experiences and win a private eye reward. Now, that would be something!

Develop Many Different Skills

Next, you need experience. Many detectives start their careers as police officers and they slowly build their way to the top. It might take some time, but it will pay off eventually. You have to be strong and develop many different skills if you want to be successful in what you do.

Learn To Take Statements

In addition to the things mentioned above, it can be very useful to undergo some training and strengthen your skills. There are a number of programs that can help you achieve very good results in a short period of time. For example, IQ level 3 award in investigations focuses on the method of researching information. This qualification among other things will teach you how to take statements as they are essential part of every investigation.

Obtain The Award

Another good idea would be to obtain the award for professional investigators (ABI). ABI covers the minimum requirements of specific skills and knowledge which are mandatory for every private detective. Similar to this program is the two day award for professional investigators qualifications that has a very well structured program that provides insight to everything you need to know to become a private investigator.

Help You Cope Better With Your New Job

BTEC level 3 award and the security industry authority both can boost your skills of a private investigator and help you cope better with your new job. It won’t be easy, but easy is never fun. These qualifications are especially designed to help individuals to advance in their careers by giving them the knowledge and understanding that the job requires. If you really want to become a private investigator then you should definitely look into the possibility of investing into some of these “skill boosters”.

Besides these qualifications you can also look for other relevant training online. There are many agencies that are able to issue private investigator licences if you prove to be a good candidate. The training is very basic but it will help you get a better idea of the challenges that this job brings. Make sure you choose an agency which is accredited for issuing licences and training private investigators so you won’t lose your time in vain.