There are certain qualifications that you need to be an investigator. In order to become a detective, you need extensive training. These training qualify you to be a licensed and successful investigator.

BTEC Level 3 Award

The Pearson award, for example, also called the BTEC Level 3 award. It is a multipurpose award with training regarding ethics of the profession, standards and basics. It also gives an idea about the relation between the investigators and the authority.

Although this qualification is mainly a target of professional private investigators, especially those to set up a successful firm, it is also targeted by all individuals doing private or public investigations. It consists of multiple choice questions and studying for it could be done online as a form of distance learning.

Security Industry Authority (SIA) License

Another popular qualification an investigator looks for to become a detective without having to become a cop first is the Security Industry Authority (SIA) license. Besides helping you to have the proper qualifications for starting a successful private investigation firm, the SIA provides professional licenses to both individual private investigators and firms. In order to hold an SIA license, you must be over 18 years and pay the program fees.

CSI Accreditation

In order to become a crime scene investigator, you must aquire CSI accreditation to start working in crime scene and be granted access to them. Obtaining a Master’s degree in forensics is a quite critical qualification for any crime scene investigator. Forensic medicine is one of the best way to obtain evidence in any crime, which keeps you one step ahead of any other detective on the case. Science honors degrees are also in your favor.

There are also some private investigator award in the UK as the Paul Foot Award given to any private investigator of private investigation firm with huge clientele. Becoming a detective with a law degree is definitely an advantage as all investigators have to deal with legal matters.

IQ Level 3 Award

The IQ Level 3 Award in Investigations teaches investigators how to find information from various sources as searching public records, surveillance techniques, approaches to interviewing witnesses, suspects or victims, how to deal with customers and how to explain to them the services you provide, etc. An equivalent online study award can also be granted through distance learning through the Association of British Investigators (ABI). Distance learning is done through the phone or internet by gaining access to a tutor to help you continue your studying hours.

All the previous qualifications are not hard to achieve and make the big difference between a successful and trusted investigator and an otherwise less professional one. Any private investigator should consider gaining at least some of these awards to set their reputation and start on the right track.