Requirements to become a private investigator can be similar to the requirements to become a chef, since both have very specific requirements. The private investigators of the United Kingdom are well known for their skills and successes. The private investigators of the UK have been awarded with certification. To reach this position, a number of requirements needs to be fulfilled. Two most important things are training to become a PI and then becoming licensed. Non-licensed private investigators are not allowed to offer any kind of security related service. So, how do you become a private investigator in the UK?

The first step would be the private investigator training. There are a number of courses and field work included in the training. One needs to complete them to become a PI.

Surveillance Course

A private investigator may have to solve matrimonial surveillance cases with professionalism during his career, and not only that, handling any other surveillance case also requires prior knowledge. The surveillance course is perfect for that. This is a short course and the span of this course is usually just 7 to 11 days. This course includes photography, field work on tracing, and how to run an investigation organization.

Applied Forensics

It is the most interesting part of this training. One can pursue an advanced degree in this field. Moreover, one can choose an independent career through it. The span of this course is the longest; the minimum time period of an applied forensic course is a year. All the tasks and activities related to both the field and course are computer based.

Police Training

Police training includes how to deal with a criminal, which is also a broad field. One can make an independent career out of it. There are some physical activities included in this course as well, such as self-defense.

Fraud Training

The main objective of this course is to teach how to produce a fraud report. This course requires observing fraud issues, data analysis, and the analysis of the cognitive features of humans.

Military Background

This is totally optional. Most of the time, ex-militiamen tend to switch their careers this way.

PI Journals

PI journals are authentic and practical, as they tend to have articles based on first-hand experiences. If the training becomes expensive, one can always gather knowledge by reading.

Crime Scene Awareness

Awareness of the crimes in the UK and the ways of solving them can serve as motivation. It is very important to be highly motivated in this field, as the training is intensive.

Law Related Course

Attending these courses will spread awareness among the individuals about the laws of the UK. This is important for a PI, as this course will also shed light on how to investigate, what PIs are allowed to do, how they impact the security and crime field, the way the law works, and so on.

Professionalizing Investigation Program (PIP)

This is a training program which teaches the development of advanced investigation skills, and this is a police course that can be attended by PIs as well. This course will develop the skills of investigators to the advanced level, as well as increasing the competence in interviewing and investigation. This program is offered at NOS.