One of the things we do for our clients here at Private Investigator UK is to remind them that it’s easy to confuse an ordinary activated home security system with a monitored one.

An activated security system, while still effective to an extent, is quite basic. When armed, the alarm goes off as someone enters your home. But then, with a bit of electrical and computing experience, it can be bypassed by an intruder and that’s that.

A monitored security system, on the other hand, comes with added security features. For instance, since it’s connected to a service, it can send out a call for help to your provider or to the police as soon as the alarm goes off. It can also come with CCTV cameras for ongoing surveillance, and can be procured from private security companies.

This makes monitored security system the ideal option when considering boosting your home security. Below are five reasons to choose a monitored security system over an ordinary activated security system.

  • Save on Insurance

As stated in the HouseShop, a marketplace for individuals looking to rent, sell, or purchase a house, insurance providers tend to offer reduced premiums to homeowners whose homes have monitored security systems. This is because monitored home security systems have been proven to reduce the rate of burglary. To an insurance company, this translates to minimised risks.

  • Ongoing Surveillance

When you elect a monitored security system with CCTV cameras, you get ongoing surveillance for your home. You can even view the CCTV feeds using your mobile devices. This means you can see what’s going on in your home even when at work or on a trip.

  • Panic Buttons

It’s not uncommon for intruders to trick or compel homeowners or their family members to disarm their security systems and let them in. When this happens, pressing one of the panic buttons that came with your monitored security systems can send out a signal to your provider so they can send emergency help to your home.

Panic buttons also come in handy in the events of fire outbreaks and medical emergencies.

  • An Ordinary Alarm Is Not Enough

Alarms are known to repel intruders. But then any sensible burglar would expect an alarm to go off when they break into a home. Thus, it’s very likely that they would be prepared for it, perhaps to bypass it. If your security system is monitored, you get the assurance that your provider will dispatch emergency help to your home as soon as your alarm goes, whether the alarm scares off the intruder or not.

  • Protection from Fire Hazards

You can have your smoke detector connected to your monitored home security system to protect your home from fire outbreaks. This means that in the event of fire outbreak, your security system will send a signal to your provider (whether you are at home or not) and they will dispatch help immediately.

So, why not secure your home and protect yourself, your family, and your property using a monitored home security system? Apart from the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a professional security company is keeping an eye on your home, you also get the assurance that emergency help is easily accessible whenever your home is under a threat.