It is important to ensure that as an investigator you remain invisible to your subject. When the person is oblivious of your existence the investigation stands a great chance of success. The subject will not be alerted to your presence and thus change any behaviours. In the quest of remaining invisible while still conducting the assignment private detectives employ covert surveillance means.

At UK private investigators you will find a Covert and Surveillance Unit that is suited to this specific situation. This unit is composed of personnel that are hard to distinguish from regular individuals. They are trained to adapt to their environment and fit in with the least effort. The Covert and surveillance unit is well suited in gathering information on the subject of the investigation in the field.

Surveillance Of Employees

Surveillance is useful in gathering evidence on cases involving some sort of deception. In cases involving fraudulent insurance claims, surveillance has been proven to be an essential evidence collection means. By observing claimants investigators have been able to ascertain the extent of fraud in a claim. This is especially so in cases of exaggerated injury claims. Personnel from the covert surveillance unit are capable of recommending the best equipment to use for discrete surveillance of employees.

The investigators are highly trained in surveillance methods. This type of investigation technique is most suitable to situations where employees are stealing organization resources through an intricate arrangements. Employees may collude with each other to steal valuable organizational resources. Through colluding with others they may be able to hide their operation successfully from detection by management through conventional means. Covert and surveillance investigators act as an invaluable asset in such circumstances. Employees leaking information or perpetrating corporate sabotage can be identified by use of covert investigators.

Surveillance Investigations Team

Investigators involved in an assignment that is domestic in nature can use covert surveillance means to collect required information. For instance where a spouse is trying to defraud the other off their divorce settlement or files fraudulent insurance claims; through covert surveillance means an investigator can find this out. The investigator can carry out covert surveillance and office based investigations to find the evidence. At UK Private Detectives you will find seasoned professionals that are well trained and form a qualified Covert and Surveillance Investigations team. Some of our investigators have been in law enforcement for over 25 years and have training in UK policing practices. These investigators are therefore highly qualified individuals.

Our investigators will ensure that secrecy is upheld during the investigation while also providing you with surveillance best practices. Before you hire an investigator to work for you ensure that they are able to provide you with the required results. UK Private Detectives provide you with investigation services that are legal to ensure that any evidence gathered can be allowed in legal proceedings.