It is usually the work of UK private detectives to carry out a surveillance procedure for you. Any qualified and experienced private detective should ensure that they have used the best equipment to come up with the best results. Sometimes the photographic, video and report results are used for a court case. There are many different types of surveillance investigation equipment that can be used when carrying out surveillance. The following are some of the devices that are used in this investigation procedure.


This is a device that is used to view people at a long distance. If a private detective is following someone using binoculars allows them to keep their distance. There are binoculars that are able to cover distance of many meters and that are why it is a recommended device


When you are looking to take images and clear pictures of events you are investigating, then you must have a camera. It is a device that all private detectives own to capture the moments as they happen and also produce a clear image of what really transpired. The images can be used in a court of law as evidence for a particular case. A private detective should ensure that they have the best digital cameras on the market so that the images that are produced are as clear as possible.

Night Vision Viewers

Gone are the days when the private detectives could not view the activities that take place in the dark. Night vision viewers are a special type of binoculars that are designed to view objects even in extreme darkness. The private detective can follow the instances that take place in the dark and gather as more information as they can. This equipment can also cover wide areas at night although not as large as binoculars.

GPS Trackers

A GPS tracker fitted to the target’s vehicle during surveillance will allow the detectives to follow from a greater distance than normal to provide a more covert surveillance. Using a tracking device enables the detectives to know the exact location of the target at all times providing a more successful surveillance and a record of the routes taken.

Surveillance Van / Vehicle

A surveillance vehicle can give the private investigator an extra pair of eyes whilst out in the field. They are normal looking vehicle but they are packed full of investigative equipment including cameras, videos, computers and many of the equipment already mentioned above. These surveillance vehicles are also a good base for the surveillance team to use during a case. They offer the detectives a place to change outfits and store equipment and the ability to keep a camera pointed at an address at the same time.