Listening devices for cars are small devices that will fit discreetly into your car and as it is voice activated it will alert you if or when someone has broken into your vehicle.

It will also record useful conversations of the people stealing your car which may give away their identity.

Car Mic Outdoor Listening Device

This is one of the best devices that can be used to capture the voices in the car.

This device has many unique features including the fact that it is lightweight. It has a dustproof and a waterproof layer that ensures it lasts for a longer period of time without breaking down. The dustproof feature also ensures that the internal microphone is not damaged ant any instance. It has a GPS receiver that will also tell you the location of that particular car where it is parked.

2013 New Design Mini Portable Car listening Device With Mic

This is one of the latest trends in the car listening devices. It has many outstanding features that make it definitely the best on the market. It has a wireless connection ability and can be compatible with the IPhone, a computer or even your Ipad meaning that you can follow the conversations directly as they are being recorded. It has a longer battery life of up to 8 hours and the voices can also be stored on the 32 GB storage card available.

OODO Car Listening Device

Gator car listening device. This is also one of the recently launched technologies in the car listening devices. It is an easy to install all Listening devices for cars  these devices comes with security features apart from the voice recording.

There is also a GPS module that will give details of the position of the car. With the GSM module available in this device, the private detectives are able to receive the communications directly to their mobile phones or even their computers.

Emotely Stop Car Listening Device

This is a listening device that has been used on the cars for a very long time. It has an in built mic that enables the detectives to capture the conversations taking place in the car. It was built as a GPS tracker and that can also record the noises in the car. Fuel detection signal is a feature of this device which will notify you on the levels of fuel in your car. The door alarm is also a feature that has been integrated to this device.