Privacy Is The Main Issue With A Listening Device

It is illegal to breech the right of privacy so it is important to be careful when using a listening device that you are not using it to do this.

Listening devices are a cost effective method of keeping a garage, holiday home or lock up etc secure. If someone breaks in you can hear the noises and possibly identify the offender.

Every Person In The UK Enjoys A Right To Privacy

This right cannot be usurped in any way unless the right to privacy is in conflict with  the law. Hence, using a listening device to eavesdrop on a private conversation is not allowed. For a listening device to be used in someones home it needs the approval of the owner and everyone living in the home must be informed of the device.

Listening devices are a small and compact item and can be easily hidden from view. This makes them ideal for use as a security device. Keeping a listening device in your garden will let you know if you have an intruder. The device is voice or noise activated and can alert you by mobile phone if it goes off. This gives you the opportunity to call the police and inform them.