Surveillance involves following and observing the subject of an investigation. There are various methods that can be applied when collecting evidence on an assignment. The suitability of a surveillance method can be determined by factors such as the type of report required, type of evidence required, and legality of the methods in question.

Surveillance For Collection Of Evidence

It is therefore important for the investigator to get all the information pertaining to the assignment and the eventual use of the report produced so as to make a decision on the methods to use. In most situations that involve surveillance for collection of evidence it is important for the private detective to carefully consider the methods and practices used in observing the subjects. To collect surveillance evidence that can be allowed in court proceedings it is up to the investigator to employ the legal methods to obtain this  knowledge.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance involves recording relevant video footage of the subject. Here the investigator chooses the best position from which to record the activities of the subject while concealed. This is commonly done from a tinted car a safe distance from the subjects view or by use of body worn cameras. Photographic surveillance involves following the subject and taking photographs of their activities from a safe distance using a zoom lens. The private investigator should ensure they are always on the  alert not to miss any important activities by the subject. Using the latest equipment in photography will be pertinent to producing the best possible results. High tech cameras enhance the quality of photographs taken in poorly lit locations. With equipment that enables high zoom capabilities photos can be taken at a safe distance.

Audio Surveillance

Audio surveillance: this involves recording and following all conversations of the subject of the investigation. Private detectives use covert audio and video cameras to record actions and conversations of a target.

Suitability Of Surveillance Methods

The report generated at the end of an investigation may be used in legal proceedings. It is therefore important for the investigator to consider the suitability of surveillance methods usedPrivate investigators should be careful to ensure that they do not invade the privacy of the subject under investigation. Observation of the subject in an investigation that amounts to invasion of privacy may result in legal action brought up against the investigator and the client. As the investigator may be called upon as a witness in any court proceedings that involve the evidence collected through surveillance; only testimony from legal means can be used in the proceedings.

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