Private investigators have a challenging job. They need to be prepared for every situation at all times. Their days are never the same. Every new dawn brings a new case that requires them to put a lot of effort into it. In their emergency kit there is always detective surveillance equipment that consists of several elements.

Tracking Devices

One of the tools that private investigators often use are the tracking devices. These tracking devices are in the form of a GPS device attached on the suspect’s car. It should be placed on a location that cannot be easily spotted. The gps device will send a signal to the satellite which will show the exact location of the vehicle you are tracking.


Another tool used during investigation is the googles. These are especially designed googles that enable the private investigator to see in the dark. This gives them great advantage over the suspect and helps them conduct their investigation more efficiently. They turn the night into day!

Video Or Audio Recording

In addition it is always a good idea to be able to support your statements with a solid proof, such as video or audio recording. Things caught on camera can never be denied. Some cameras have the ability to film from a bigger distance and still provide quality footage. These cameras have a magnifier that bring the object visually closer and enabled better view. In order for the private investigator to be able to hear what people are saying they should have a sound recorder. If the suspect is further from the private investigator, then an amplifier is used. The amplifier increase the volume of the sound and things can be heard even from a distance.

Bulletproof Vest

Private investigators often risk their life since they never know when a suspect can become violent or when they are carrying a gun. Therefore, in the equipment, the private investigator should have a bulletproof vest. This vest won’t mean much if the suspect decides to shoot them in the head. However, experience has shown that private investigators who wore bulletproof vests more often were able to survive the attack at times where even able to get out of it unharmed whereas private investigators who didn’t wore a vest ended up being seriously injured or killed.

Bug Detectors

When dealing with sensitive cases private investigators should be very careful with revealing information. Sometimes even the walls have ears, so private investigators use bug detectors to reveal any hidden recorder in the room and help keep the information private. These bug detectors are able to find phones, or any type of audio and video recording hidden in the room or on a certain person.

All these tools we have mentioned above are very useful for private investigators during investigation. They use it on daily bases to obtain evidence that will help them get to a quicker resolution of their cases. Although the equipment is not very difficult to use, still a certain training is required that will show private investigators how to properly handle the equipment.