This is the report that outlines all the findings of that particular procedure that has been carried out over the time.  A good surveillance report should include all the facts that have been found out so that there can be a clear conclusion. There are many features that should be contained in a surveillance report so that it can be complete.

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The Title Of The Investigation Report

This is the key part of any report. It will give any person reading a clear image of what the investigation was about and also acts as a summary of what to expect from the report. The title should be precise and clear so that it summarizes everything well. It is also a feature that will either interest someone to read it or not. A good private detective should ensure that they have carried out a professional and skilled job and they can detail the points clearly.

The Assignment Objective

This is the main reason for carrying out the investigation in the first place. It provides all the information needed in the report. The objective, just like the title, should be clearly displayed so that the person going through the reports can clearly see what it entails. If the objectives are not outlined clearly, it can lead to more complications in the understanding of the report. This is the part where all the contents in the report are outlined in a detailed manner.

Dates Of The Investigations

Every investigation procedure will have a time frame. This time frame should be clearly outlined in the report so that the time reader is aware of just how long the surveillance was for. All the dates in that report should be followed by what transpired at that time in a clear format making it easy to follow through the whole process. However long the investigation took, all the time should be covered in it.

The Preliminary Investigation

This is the point where the investigation results are outlined in great detail. All the findings should be displayed on the report in a clear pattern. A private detective should ensure that they have captured all the information in the report so that all the evidence in available, every photograph, every day and every point in time. This content is the backbone of any

Surveillance Investigation Report

The conclusion of the report thus is one of the most strategic parts of any surveillance report. It is where all the details of the information about the report are summarized and also some of the solutions to the problem outlined. The conclusion bears the whole weight of the report in question.