There are a variety of techniques that are employed by private detectives while carrying out surveillance investigation. Surveillance can be carried out on foot. This is the cheapest and most oft-used tactic by private detectives where they follow the suspect while keeping their distance. On the other hand, some private investigators prefer surveillance that is carried out at night.

This enables them to hide more easily and not be detected, but also causes problems as it is harder to track the suspect in the dark. A more expensive method of surveillance is aerial surveillance, where airborne vehicles such as small planes are used to obtain evidence in the form of videos and photos.

Situations Where Surveillance Investigation Is Recommended

If a friend or a relative has gone missing leaving no trace to be found, after talking with the police your next step should be to conduct surveillance through an investigator. Even though you may not find any trace or links, the investigator will use any and every information to bring fruitful results. Other common reasons for surveillance are: in the cases of a cheating spouse or lover. Surveillance investigation will help you know whether the suspicions you were having about him or her were really true or not. Other scenarios are vandalism, recurrent thefts and worker’s compensation cases.

Privacy And Surveillance

If you are concerned whether your surveillance is legal or not, you should consult your hired investigator. Or if you do not have one and you are using surveillance equipment, then seek advice from an experienced investigator and he will let you know once and for all. If you are using the equipment in your own household to keep an eye on your nanny or maid, then it is legal however using it in other people’s homes is a violation of their privacy and is against the law. For more details on privacy and surveillance investigation, refer to a skilled professional before conducting any surveillance.

Experienced Private Investigator

In order to carry out a surveillance investigation, one should consider the work of an experienced private investigator. This is because private investigators have undergone special trained exclusively for gathering evidence and such work. They are well-equipped with their audio and video recording devices which are best for collecting information and getting proofs against the subject. Another feature about investigators is they are perfectly acquainted with law and can help you know whether the type of surveillance you wish to conduct is legal or not. Knowing the law also helps them to abide it without jeopardizing or contaminating the investigation.

Purpose Of Surveillance

The purpose of surveillance is to find out the truth. Whether it is marital infidelity or employee dishonesty, a surveillance investigation reveals anything and everything a person is trying to hide from the society. Through proper and thorough investigation, one can know what had happened or what is happening in reality. Hence, the use of surveillance is almost necessary for private investigators to obtain the truth, which is something that people try their best to hide. Surveillance can not only be a tool in proving the guilt of a person, it can also be used to exonerate a person as well.