Surveillance investigation refers to closely observing a place, person or object in order to gain insightful evidence that can be later used by private detectives or their client in court. A no point during an investigation does the private detectives break the laws of the land.

Surveillance Investigation UK Law

It is not against the law in the UK to carry out surveillance in a public place. If confronted by the police a private detective must inform them of what he is doing and who he is doing it for but he can continue afterwards without informing the target.

Type Of Surveillance Services

There are various types of surveillance systems that can be employed. With the advancements in technology, the most popular form of surveillance is on foot but sometimes it is following a car. Before the surveillance starts it is common practice for a detective to fit a GPS tracker to the suspect’s vehicle in order for them to follow at a greater distance. Following from a greater distance allows the detectives to keep the target in range without having to run red lights or go over the speed limit.

Types Of Surveillance Equipment

The camera is the private detectives main tool and it has to work well and fit the private detective perfectly. A quality camcorder is another fantastic piece of equipment that will allow the private eye to record audio as well as visual. Both still cameras and camcorders should have time and date stamping facilities which shows the exact time the activity happened and it makes it more efficient process when matching up with the log.  Keeping a log throughout the surveillance can become much easier with a dicta phone. This device allows you to make a log of each and every movement or activity at the precise time it happens, without the need for pen and paper.

Key To Surveillance Investigations

One of the most important traits required for surveillance is patience. Surveillance can take hours without any significant achievements and can require a high threshold of patience as the private detective builds the case against the suspect. The entire surveillance investigation needs to be planned out perfectly in advance so good organization skills would be most useful. The private detective needs to know exactly what his movements are going to be and plan should be made for dealing with any uncertainties. Combining patience and planning with focus and tenacity is bound to provide success to a surveillance operation.

Controversy Over Surveillance

Any practice that is based on following other people has its fair share of opposition. The same is true for surveillance investigations. Surveillance is often the only way an individual can locate their estranged spouse who is with holding their address from their spouse or is cohabitating with another before the divorce is final. Surveillance is rarely carried out on minors and the investigators keep within the law at all times.