There are many points in life when you need to locate a person. This does not refer to finding a missing person in the sense of a lost child, rather, someone you don’t know much about. This is especially true with regards to debtors. Many debtors are habitual defaulters who tend to get out of repaying loans by moving and not updating their address. They often borrow large sums of money and run. This makes it very important to locate them and force them to pay up. If this is not done, over time, you may end up losing significant amounts of money. If you are a habitual lender or a shopkeeper, you may even end up bankrupt.

Take Action

In case you find yourself in a situation where you don’t seem to be able to get a handle on your debtor, it is important to take action. Start calling the missing debtor every day. Make sure you call the debtor more than once every day so that you don’t simply miss the debtor when he or she is out of the house. After a week, if you are unable to get in touch with the debtor, post a letter. Detail the consequences of his or her actions. Finally, contact a private investigator or debt tracker.

We understand how debtors on the run think. We know where to look for them and who to ask about them. We typically start getting in touch with the near and dear ones of the debtor. These people generally know how we can get in touch with the debtor. In case they are unwilling to divulge this information, we can in the very least, use them to pass on messages to the debtor. We can explain to them what the debtor is doing that  is illegal and must be rectified immediately to avoid prison. Apart from this, we doggedly search for the details of the debtor, even if it means knocking on doors to check if the debtor answers. No matter where, we always manage to track the missing debtor eventually.

Why Choose Us

At Private Investigators UK, we have access to a large number of databases that aid us in our search of a missing person. Having been in the business for more than 25 years, we have developed a large network which proves very useful in finding the locations of people on the run. We have become specialists in the field of tracking debtors and have an exceptionally high success rate. We have a committed team of detectives and have offices all over the UK. This equips us to find the missing debtors, no matter where they may have fled.