Finding someone can be very difficult or extremely easy. This depends on the things you know and how you go about finding the person. There are some key factors that assist you and a good private investigator when locating people, is a great asset to have.

Hiring A Private Investigator

Most people learn the hard way and waste money and time with online searches before hiring a P.I. If you need to find someone, you should do it right the first time! You probably have more useful information than you know. Let a good private investigator help you find the missing person. Your chances of success are much higher this way!

Name Of A Missing Person

Any and all details of a person are extremely important. When searching for a missing person, the adage: “What’s in a name?” simply does not apply. Though it seems hard to believe, everything is in the name. Having the correct name of a person is crucial to the investigation. Knowing the correct spelling is also extremely important. Another commonly overlooked piece of information contained in the name is the middle name. These are usually unique and help eliminate incorrect candidates. Also, with names, the more unique the name, the easier it is to find the person that you are looking for.

Address Of A Missing Person

If you have any old address of the person, it greatly helps narrow down the search. Of course this is not a necessary snippet of information, but a very crucial one. This often yields unexpected results. Even if the least known address you have of a person is a few years old, chances are that the person’s old neighbors would have a forwarding address for the person. Following this chain of forwarding addresses, a person can be found fairly easily. Though this takes a little dedicated groundwork, most good private investigators are more than up to the challenge.

Date Of Birth Of A Missing Person

One more key piece of information that can help conclusively wrap up any missing persons search is the date of birth. If the correct date of birth, including day, month and year, is known, the chances of identifying a person correctly go up exponentially. The reason for this is simple. In the United Kingdom, many people share the same name or similar names. However, the chances of a missing person sharing both his name and date of birth with another person are very low. Our team of well – trained private investigators is easily able to use this information to find the person you are looking for.

Friends Co–workers Of A Missing Person

There are some other key bits of information that can really help a private detective in tracing a missing person. These include, among others, the Social Security Number. Also, one of the best ways to trace a person is by asking other friends co – workers, etc. if they have any idea about the whereabouts of a person. Many a times, we have solved cases where people who were missing for a long time, were found solely thanks to the information provided by the friends and co – workers of the person.