There are millions who go missing each year. In Britain alone, over two hundred and thirty thousand people go missing annually. Finding them all is impossibility; it is a Herculean task which is absolutely unachievable. Many a times, though tragic, these individuals are dead and their bodies are not found. Naturally, since their near and dear ones are unaware of their death, they just assume they are missing.

However, due to this, they often end up paying unwarranted insurance premiums and remaining married to such missing persons. This causes great emotional and financial loss to the people. To help with this, the Missing Persons Act was recently passed in UK.

Presumption Of Death

Presumption of death basically refers to presuming that a missing person who has been missing for ages is legally dead. This can greatly help people both legally and financially. Once a missing person is declared to be presumed dead, his or her spouse can annul their marriage and start life anew. Also, any mortgage payments, debts, insurance premiums, etc. don’t need to be paid any more. The recently passed act is a great step to help stabilize the property and affairs of a missing person. It can help you deal with the death of the person and move on in life.

How The Act Empowers You

This new act is a well thought out one with many practical applications. Earlier, a missing person could be presumed dead by the family but is not so legally. This means that all of his or her personal affairs, including marriage can be considered void but he or she is still liable to pay for any loans or insurance policies he or she may have. This act assigns a presumed dead certificate to the members of the person’s family. They can then use this legally as proof of death and stop paying out these monies. This can greatly help stabilize the family’s financial position. This is especially true in case the missing person is the sole earning member of the family.

How We Can Help

We, as a private detective agency, can launch a full scale investigation into the missing person. Using the wide array of technological tools at our disposal, we can work hard to track your loved one. This can help clear any nagging doubts related to the status of the person. It is often hard to accept that a loved one maybe dead and our investigation can do wonders for this. Next, we can help you file for a presumption of death certificate for the person. Also, due to our experience in many similar cases, we can help you handle the estate of your loved one efficiently.

Why Choose Us

Private Investigators UK has experience in such cases. With a diverse portfolio of services, we are the one stop shop for all your needs relating to missing persons. Apart from the actual detective services, we can also provide you with some good advice and help you plan a course of action. We can thoroughly investigate any missing person due to our expertise and country wide network.