Every year, nearly 2 million people go missing in the world. These can be missing due to different reasons. They can either be genuinely lost as in the case of small children or purposely be hiding as in the case of criminals evading the law. Many a times, extremely difficult cases of absentee parents, lost children, friends fallen out of contact and missing spouses have been very efficiently and quickly solved by us. We are experts at locating people who are trying to run away from their debts and have traced and made good on many a bad debt.

What Should You Do

In case a person is legally missing, the very first thing you must do is report this to the police. It can be very useful and helpful to do this. This is always the first advisable course of action. This is especially useful in case the person reported missing by you has been involved in an accident or some such scenario. In case the person was indeed involved in an accident and is unconscious, the hospital where he or she is being treated will typically contact the police. Thus, if you provide a photo of the missing person to the police, they may be able to identify the person and direct you to the hospital.

Contact A Private Detective

After you have spoken to the police and filed a report, it is a good idea to call a private detective. Private investigators have many tools at their disposal. These can often prove invaluable in tracing a missing person. Also, private detectives are often not constrained  by many legal limitations imposed on police officers and can hence be much more efficient at collecting information pertaining to the individual. Many a times, people are more open to the idea of talking to a private investigator over a policeman since they don’t need to worry about being arrested for any small crime.

Is Information Important

Information is the single most important thing in a missing person’s investigation. Information is a weapon that the private detective can use to his or her advantage with much ease. Typically, private investigators ask the clients for detailed physical descriptions of the missing person, the clothes he or she was wearing and his or her general habits and hangouts. They then pull out all the stops to locate the person no matter where he or she might be. Private investigators often interview family members for hours on end in order to shed more and more light on the missing person.

Why Choose Us

Private Investigators UK is an agency which believes in exercising professionalism and discretion. We are very confidential with any information you provide to us and make it a point to complete every investigation in as timely a manner as possible. We have many former law enforcement agents on our team and can thus effectively gather relevant information and solve complex cases. Also, due to our widespread offices all around UK, we can actually reach just about anywhere. Thus, our investigations are not geographically limited.