With GPS systems becoming cheaper and cell phone providers being legally obliged to provide GPS service, companies are increasingly using GPS in their employees’ vehicles in order to be able to pinpoint the location of the vehicle at any point in time. This enables them to immediately make themselves aware of any misdemeanors, such as speeding or inefficient routing that could cause a loss in their profits.

Law To Track Vehicle

As long as the employer does not breech privacy laws it is within the law to track his fleet vehicle at all times. Some companies have managed to save thousands of pounds in preventing the misuse of their property. Work vans are particularly at risk of being misused with increased wear and tear and damage.

Vehicle Tracking Prevention

Generally, vehicle tracking is used by fleet operators to track the movements of their fleet. Moreover, even urban transit services make use of this technology, mainly to ensure that the buses adhere to schedule and do not go off route. The programs in the GPS system can even tell the driver of their current position, how far behind the schedule they are and how long it would take to make up for the schedule. Furthermore, vehicle tracking can also be used in order to prevent thefts, as if a car is stolen, its location can still be tracked and the car can the be recovered.

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Private detectives can also make use of vehicle tracking. Of course, they will need to inform the employee before they can fit a tracker on their company car. GPS tracking has enabled companies to view their vehicles tracking history from the comfort of their computer. Gone are the days when the investigator would follow the suspect for hours in order to cement his location.

Even industries and companies who have not typically been associated with vehicle tracking are making use of it in order to improve their profits. For example, various hotels in the UK are now adopting vehicle tracking in their luxury welcome so that they can welcome the guests as soon as they reach the hotel. Even the food industry has made use of vehicle tracking so that delivery men don’t face problems in remembering their route.