Vehicle tracking is a feature whereby you can locate the position of your vehicle at any time of the day or night. It is a feature that has been employed by many organizations and also people in the general public. GPS devices can be installed in any vehicle so that they can be located easily. There are many GPS devices and they all have different features to suit different needs. Whenever you are looking for a vehicle tracking device for your car, you should make sure that you only get one that has the features that will coordinate the purpose you are buying it for. With the constant advancement of technology, the vehicle tracking devices have been integrated to include the modern technological features. The following are just some of the special features.

Nearest Vehicle Tracking Feature

This is one of the special features of a vehicle tracking device. It is mostly used by organizations that have more than one vehicle, whereby they are able to locate which one is nearest to a particular job. This feature ensures that they have identified the location in question, and also tracked down the vehicle that is nearest to that position. For example a mini cab firm may install trackers to all their vehicles and can pin point the nearest to a particular customer. This feature has been known to improve the productivity of many organizations by grabbing all available opportunities.

Engine Status Features

This is one of the best features of the GPS systems. It helps in ensuring that you are able to track the progress of your vehicles engine. The vehicle tracking feature can tell you if your engine status is critical and if it needs any repairs. This will reduce the cost of maintenance in the long run and you can be able to comfortably mange your car. The engine status feature will also give you the details about the speed that the vehicle is moving on and also the fuel consumption at any point in time.

Movement Status

This is the most outstanding vehicle tracking feature. Many people use GPS devices so that they can locate the positions of their vehicle. The feature can always be activated or deactivated at any time of the day. You can see if your vehicle is on the move or not and if it is one the move, you can get its exact location and how long it stays there.

Speed Violation Alert

This is an ideal function for parents of children who drive their parent’s car. A parent may give the child a curfew or a limited distance of travel at night. The Geofence will be alerted if the vehicle is driven outside of the distance limit. It is also an ideal device for a private detective who has been following a target and they have left the vehicle and gone into a highly populated area or shopping centre.