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For many years you have been thinking and for the first time, it has occurred to you that there is something you can do for your living. Yes, being a private investigator is exciting but how do you get there? We have the answer- join a training academy and be what you have always wanted to be.

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PC/Email Forensics

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PC/Email Forensics

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PC/Email Forensics

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PC/Email Forensics

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PC/Email Forensics

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PC/Email Forensics


PC/Email Forensics


PC/Email Forensics

In the current digital world, things are happening in your proximity and it is high time you grabbed to chance and made your dream a reality. Times when you regarded the private investigation career as something impossible are a thing of the past considering that private investigator training is something you can do whilst in your own home.

With various surveillance courses being offered online, you can now acquire knowledge on how to deal with crimes professionally. It doesn’t matter if you have another job, there are various ways you can learn to be a private detective.

If your current job proves makes you spend most of your time at work, you can always opt for private investigator training videos which are designed specifically for giving you all the necessary knowledge appertaining to private investigator training. We know what it takes to be a private investigator and that is why we have redesigned our online training courses to conform to the international law standards.

As an online law firm, we are capable of turning you into a professional private detective by ensuring that you get all the necessary training associated with the job. We have set up a comprehensive plan that will enable you get started on your journey towards a significant profession that will change your livelihood for the better.
How we do it

  • Once you enroll for our private investigator courses, we ensure that you:
  • We offer you support by email or through phone
  • Starting learning at your own speed depending on your program
  • Receive content through textbooks and online lessons
  • Complete your course in a span of 4 months

We also ensure that you have access to:

  • Study guides and textbooks
  • Comprehensive study guides
  • Diploma certification for your career during graduation

As such, in order to actively participate in private investigation, there is need for you to obtain a license and other career requirements as may be provided for by your state of origin and vocation. Thus, we advise you to first check that with the authorities in charge including the licensing board in your country to understand on what is actually needed for you to be allowed to carry out private investigations.

For the long duration we have been in the industry, we have worked tirelessly in ensuring that our members attain and maintain high levels of professionalism standards when undertaking their activities in the investigative arena. We boast of being one of the most renowned institutes across UK. In this case, being a member of the investigation department, we consider our company as fully represented.

As a matter of fact, if you are looking for a private investigator capable of ensuring that every step of the investigation is conducted in a lawful manner that is valuable and acceptable in the event that the issue turns out to be a court problem, then make a date with us today.