In the past few years the number of private investigators shows a tendency of increasing. Maybe all those crime series have inspired people to start thinking about making a career as private detectives. However, as for any other career choice, there are certain qualifications a person must have in order to be able to become a private investigator.

Training Course

One of the main prerequisites for becoming a private investigator is the training course that every private investigator must complete. Some training courses are available online. These online courses have a different duration, depending on the scope they cover and they focus mainly on the basic skills you need in order to become a good private investigator. Without the proper training you won’t be able to get a licence and without getting a licence you won’t be able to work as a private investigator. The main advantage of these online courses is that they allow you to study in the comfort of your home.

Type Of Course

However, there are certain things you must take into consideration before taking any type of course, online or in a different form. You have to make sure that the agency that is providing the course is accredited and can issue a licence. Do your homework, search the internet and make sure you are signing up for quality course that will teach you how to become a private investigator and make good use of the knowledge you obtain in real life situations.

If you are able to get an award for professional private investigators you might be a step closer to your future career. ABI, IQ level 3, BTEC level 3 can all help you boost your skills and increase your chances of becoming a pi.


Having a degree in forensic science or other related area can be a great asset. This knowledge can be very useful on the field, as you will know every trick in the book on how to look for hidden clues that might help you crack the case. In addition it is very beneficial if you have some legal background, as it is crucial to know how to handle evidence that will be admissible in court. Even the strongest evidence can be rejected by the court of law if it wasn’t obtained according to the legal procedures. Besides the university degree you should also work on your knowledge in several other areas such as geography or technology, as these subjects would be part of your daily work and you will have to be prepared to face every challenge and respond to every given task.

If you believe you are ready for a job where you will be under constant pressure, you will have no working hours and you have to be physically strong to chase criminals then you are qualified for becoming a private investigator. Think of it as an adventure that will change your life forever and you will never feel bored.