For most people, the thrill of being a spy is something we have all shared at one point in our lives, especially if one is a helpless action movie fanatic. While it would be almost next to impossible to be recruited as one of the “Kingsmen”, “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, “MI-6”, “CIA”, “KGB”, or whatever little fantasy you cooked up for yourself. The next best thing to this is becoming a private investigator. Training to become a licenced professional private investigator is no small feat but it’s achievable.

Tools Of Trade

With the ever growing technological breakthroughs, it’s hard to pin-point certain tools of trade. The tools you have in mind are no doubt part of it but it’s not restricted to those. Since private investigation involves both field and office work, tools used in both would be different. Field work would include direct surveillance and probably face-to-face inquiry. Office based investigation would be carried out with through the internet.

Here Comes The Gadget Part

This is the part that excites most private investigator wannabes. From night vision watch camera, eyeglasses with hidden camera and recorder, to voice recorder pen, all the gadgets your imagination can conjure for surveillance is and can be used for private investigation. Depending on available cash, you’ll be surprised the kind of gadgets you can buy on the internet and get delivered to you.

Working Without Gadgets

While it is definitely fun to work with gadgets, during the course of the training, you will first and foremost be trained on detecting body language. Several techniques are available to detect people’s body language. When done properly, you would be able to get certain information without and verbal communication.

Every Client Is Important

As a private investigator, one is faced with different types of clients seeking services. A good private detective is able to administer his services with the needs of the client as a priority. Clients are the building blocks for a successful career and it is best they leave with great testimony of your services.

Where applicable, statement should be taken with utmost professionalism. While out in the field, private investigators face changing situations and are trained on how to adapt to each and every one of them. Once necessary information is jotted down, further data analysis can be carried out in the office or wherever is deemed comfortable. The result from these data analysis is what will be drafted as the conclusion of the investigation – irrespective of the specialization of the private investigator.

The same also applies when one is writing out an accident report. Accident investigators are trained to examine and reconstruct, if need be, an accident to get useful information.

Private investigators have also found their usefulness in legal matters. Private investigators are trained to keep surveillance on suspects and individuals involved in cases with levels of complication. They can trail individuals and documents to ascertain how legit they are.

Undercover And Covert Operations

As a private investigator, one is trained to keep their presence as covert as possible. This is far more complex that ordinary stalking. Private investigators are trained to blend into their environment with ease, so as not to arouse suspicions.