The duration of private investigator training can be three months or even two days. During this training, you not only read the private detective training books, you do field work as well for first-hand experience. Now in some courses, you may not need to do anything but attend some seminars. However, if you want a level three award, then the matter gets a bit intense.

In a private investigation training, the courses or aspects you will focus on are:

Undercover And Covert Operations

This is a controversial method of interviewing and gathering evidence. The covert operation techniques are very crucial as well. It will take a few practices to master this technique, and once you have mastered it, it is very helpful in gathering information.

Techniques To Detect Body Language

Detecting body language is very important. Successful use of covert techniques depend on detecting body language. How so? Because you never know whether the information you got is authentic or not. Verification of such information will take time and the criminals tend to distract you by providing wrong information. So how will you tell whether or not the interviewee is lying or trying to mislead you? These courses teach you how not to fall for misleading information.

Statement Taking

This is the most important and the most crucial task. The statement of the client could be used as evidence, but this does not include any drama whatsoever as is shown on TV. While taking a statement, the PI must be very careful and must record the exact wordings of the suspect. Changes can be made if the suspect wants to. Sometimes, the suspect could want to write his/her own statement, and a signature is taken at the end to verify that the suspect hasn’t caused any temperament.

Data Analysis

PI requires a lot of data analysis for each of the works they hang on to. The PI must know how to recover data from computers as well. Data analysis in a planned way is another course taught in the training.

Approach Strategy

Every case requires different types of approach strategies. You can change your case by selecting the appropriate approach. A planned way reduces the number of problems you would face while performing your task.

Client Relations

It is very important to maintain a professional relationship with your clients. Their records and identity are valuable. Keeping their trust and maintaining a cordial relationship will lead you to success. So this is another important training subject.

Electronic Methods

The most popular one is the polygraph test. There are other methods as well, but polygraph testing seems to have gained the most attention in the UK. In fact, PIs who handles the polygraph tend to stick to this field, as it is a huge and independent sector. So an introduction and a way of using the electronic method is a part of it.

Legal Matters And Tools Of The Trade

A Bachelors in Law and the crime investigation field helps a lot in this training. The PI is not always allowed in everywhere and anywhere. So a good knowledge of the law and practice will not only help you gather information, but it will also prevent you from trespassing. It is not what you see on TV, as the reality is desk-based and internet based.