What kind of detective would you like to be? One of the biggest misconceptions of people is that a professional homicide private investigator is the same with a file retrieving private investigator. There are differences with the types of detectives and investigators that are available right now. Here are some of the private investigator types:

Homicide Private Investigators

There are private detectives who are usually called when there are cases that people have died or have been hurt in the process. Usually, the homicide detectives look at the clues left by the suspect so that the suspect can be caught at the soonest possible time. Some people would like to know how do you become a homicide detective. It would take education, experience and time.

Cyber Crime Detectives

These are detectives who make sure that problems that happen on the Internet will be given the attention that they deserve so that they can be resolved at the soonest possible time.

Missing Person Detectives

These are the detectives that try to find people who have been missing. A lot of times, people who have only been missing for a short period of time have a higher rate of being found than those who have been missing for a long time.

Some Services Of Private Investigators

Are you curious to know more about the services that private investigators can give? Here are the services that you can expect to get from them:

  • Wrongful Death – These are cases wherein people died because they were killed.
  • Child Support – The private investigators are sometimes in charge of finding the right organizations or people that can provide comfort for the child.
  • Missing Persons – Private detectives would have to find some people who have been missing for a long period of time. If the person has been missing for quite some time, this can become a problem.
  • Forensics – When forensic examination is needed, this requires the private detective to gather some facts and data on the scene where the situation has taken place. The private investigator will look for marks, thumb prints, blood drops and other clues that might give people an idea about what has taken place.
  • Cheating Spouse Infidelity – Some people immediately get a hunch about the infidelity of their spouses. The investigators can be in charge of gathering all the right facts and information so that spouses can get all the clues that they need.
  • Identity Theft – Investigators can make sure that the identity that people are using are truly their own or if they are only using other people.
  • Faking Death – Some people fake their deaths because they would like to get their insurance money. This can be investigated by the detective.
  • Corporate – Some company owners fear that their employees are not working properly so the private investigator that can offer corporate services will be highly appreciated.
  • Fraud – People who are great pretenders will not be able to push through with their plans anymore because of the diligence and perseverance of private investigators to find clues.
  • Bounty Hunter – People who would like to take matters into their own hands may be stopped by private investigators into creating a mistake. This may become a bad idea in the future.

Based on the things that are mentioned above, there are so many private investigators and detectives. Which one would you like to be?