Private investigation business is an exciting job to have since it is so very dynamic. The nature of cases changes from client to client and the entire investigations procedure can differ greatly even in two cases that look similar. Private investigation can cover everything from an abduction to drug trafficking. There are several types of cases that a private investigator can be called upon to handle as detailed below.

Wrongful death cases arise when a person is held liable for the death of someone. In such a case a private investigator will work with witnesses, doctors or forensic experts to establish a timeline of events and accordingly create a thorough report that can determine a person’s nature, alibi and motives that allows or prevents any subsequent action against him.


Video surveillance and photo surveillance is another area that often involves the expertise of a private eye. Such surveillance may be needed in case of suspected fraud, cheating or thefts. A private detective is geared with the necessary equipment that is used to record or capture videos and photos that can be admissible and used in a court of law.

Missing Person

Missing persons cases are among the most common cases that arrive at a detective’s table. A boy may be looking to trace his birth mother or an employer may be looking for an absconding employee; all such missing persons cases call for a detailed investigation by a detective.

Lie Detector

Lie detector tests may be needed, often in cases where spouses are suspected of cheating or someone is accused of committing a fraud. Most private investigation firms are equipped with the tools to conduct a lie detector test that helps to make a solid case in favour, or against a person. Lie detector tests are usually accurate in deterring a person’s guilt or innocence.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the most common offenses being committed in the world today. Drivers’ licenses, passports, property documents, all are being forged under wrong names. Cautious employers and law enforcement agencies may employ the help of a private investigation firm to solve such instances of identity theft and book the culprits suspected under the crime of identity theft.

Financial Fraud

Financial fraud is one the rise today. Numbers get fudged, balance sheets are being manipulated and shareholders are being lied to. The regulatory authorities may be looking to conduct a comprehensive audit against a suspected agency and arrive at the truth of the matter. This often requires a private investigator to track down all records and construct a sound case either defending or substantiating the claims of the wronged party.

Ensure That All Documentation Is Of The Highest Quality

Based on the nature of the case, a private detective will often work several other people from the law enforcement agencies, the justice department, the medical teams and of course the witnesses. All cases, irrespective of their nature, require the investigator to conduct a comprehensive research and substantiate the same with evidence. As such reports may be used further in law courts, the investigator needs to ensure that all documentation is of the highest quality and does not lack in data.