There are different types of private investigation a particular detective is expected to conduct once they are in the job. An investigative occupation works like a business organization and institute. Every candidate studying and being trained by the institute is allotted a certain department. These departments vary in criteria and requirement. The different types investigators there are trained in different areas to ensure that they understand the requirement of the job they will later be doing independently. Following are a few different types of private investigators and their jobs:

Public Records

Every individual possess a public record that is held by the government. These records involve incidents like birth, marriage, properties they own or have sold, criminal records; even as minor as a speeding ticket and other similar records. An investigator in the public records department is required to go over the file of a suspect to see if there has been a past activity that links to the present case they are being for.


As a professional career, a forensics detective job is considered the most difficult but also the most well-paid. A forensics private investigator is required to work with detectives from other departments of criminal investigators located within the firm. They assist in proving whether the death of an individual was a homicide, a suicide, an accident or caused naturally. In order to achieve this, the detective is required to trace the scene of the crime to collect maximum proof. They go over the history, the family ties, past records and related circumstances of the deceased.

Asset Search

Every agency has an asset search department being operated by a well-trained corporate investigator. At several occasions, when an investigation is being carried out, assets from one party under interrogation are transferred instantaneously. The job of an asset investigator is to track the history of such transfers and receipts. These searches help investigators in finding out whether a property was rightfully owned or not, the financial accounts of the suspect, the contracts signed and lastly if the personal property owned was registered or not. This helps the investigators draw a tangible conclusion regarding the actions of the suspect.

Child Support

During times of divorce of a couple a child is handed over to either one of the parents.. Once the matter of divorce is finalized, thorough investigations are carried out to learn which parent is more responsible to take over child custody. After this decision has been made, the parent who is not given the permanent custody of the child is allowed to visit under certain limitations and is asked to provide child support to the other parent. This makes it easy for the single parent to ensure the education and basic needs of the child do not suffer as a result of the divorce.

Insurance Fraud

Several times after a terrible storm, a car accident or an unfortunate incident, people file a report demanding their insurance to cover the expenses. Unfortunately, at several of these instances, the insurance is rejected for no obvious or tangible reason. When an individual experiences such fraud, they contact an insurance investigator to investigate the incident based on which the insurance is being demanded. The purpose of this professional is to ensure the lawful rights of an individual are provided to them.

Video Surveillance

Many large scale companies install video cameras in their offices to prevent several kinds of frauds and to keep a constant check on their employees. When an unauthorized transaction is made or a similar fraud is carried out, a surveillance investigator is contacted to go over the video recordings and bring the criminal to justice.

Missing Persons

This is perhaps the most important type of investigator. As the name suggests, this type of investigator is contacted if a person goes missing. A proper investigation is run through to bring the missing person back as soon as practically possible.

Lie Detector

There are many types of investigations that require the use of a lie detector. This allows the investigators to ensure whether the suspect is lying to save their own skin or is telling the truth about the case they are being questioned about. This helps them filter out their suspects in a short amount of time.

Cheating Spouse Infidelity

Lastly and most importantly is the investigator required for a cheating spouse or infidelity case. These investigators may be required for a day or sometimes for years. They keep a strict eye on the spouse under scrutiny and provide the other with the truth as they find it.

Therefore, there are several branches of private investigators that perform different jobs.