You may have thought about becoming a private investigator as you are looking for a new career or you could be interested in starting your own business. Private Investigators UK in Islington have put together some answers to questions you may have about investigation training, qualifications or even prospects in the industry. Private investigator training is available for those looking to become a private detective but have no background in the industry, those who have a police background, have had experience working in HM Forces, HM Customs or even for your local authority. Private investigative training will give you training for employment within the private investigation industry. A good CV that has all your achievements noted down, this includes not only your academic qualifications but also any experiences that you have had is a must, but remember not to get too carried away as your prospective employer has the ability to check up on you! The role of a private investigator is vast and encompasses a wide range of investigative duties. Many companies require a good investigator from credit reference agencies to banks and from insurance companies to charities. There are great opportunities around and you may already have the skills to step into your new job with only a small amount of extra training from a private investigation course. Give us a call today on 020 3633 2458 or drop us a line on how to become@london-private